Weatherford Landfill,
Parker County, Texas  MSW Permit No. 47A

Biggs and Mathews provided professional engineering, hydrogeologic characterizations, and construction phase services at the Weatherford Landfill located in Parker County. The professional services provided include permitting, geology and hydrogeology, environmental services, planning, engineering design, and construction management.  Projects have included revisions to the permit, construction of liners, leachate collection systems, and stormwater control facilities.

We provided the engineer of record, geologist of record, and geotechnical engineer of record for an extensive permit modification to initiate development of the east disposal area of the landfill.  That modification was approved in late 2004 and work began immediately on a major permit amendment for expansion of the landfill. The permit amendment included site investigations, environmental analysis, subsurface characterization, civil engineering design and geotechnical engineering in support of the Type I municipal solid waste disposal facility permit amendment application.  The Weatherford Landfill expansion permit amendment was issued in August 2007 and provides about 10 years of remaining disposal capacity for the Parker County area.

Geology and Hydrogeology
Biggs and Mathews geologists conducted a comprehensive geologic and hydrogeologic site characterization for the Weatherford Landfill in support of the extensive permit modification approved in 2004 and extended the site groundwater characterization to include the expansion area for the permit amendment that was issued in 2007.  Tasks included installation of borings, and piezometers for aquifer testing and analysis, stratigraphic correlation, determination of hydrogeologic units, contaminant pathway analysis, and design of a Subtitle D groundwater monitoring system.  A groundwater sampling and analysis plan (GWSAP) was prepared by Biggs and Mathews and approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

In response to the 2006 TCEQ rule revisions to Subchapter J – Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action, Biggs and Mathews completed permit modifications to the facility’s Groundwater Monitoring System and Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plan to comply with the revised rules.  The facility groundwater monitoring system that was approved in 2007 was re-evaluated to determine the appropriate spacing, locations and screened intervals of groundwater monitoring wells.  The GWSAP was revised to update the provisions in accordance with the new rules.

Environmental Services
We provided groundwater and leachate sampling at the Weatherford Landfill in accordance with the approved Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plan.  This included coordination with the site manager, purging of the site wells and sample collection, analytical laboratory testing, statistical analysis and preparation of TCEQ reports. 

Construction Documents and Technical Specifications
Biggs and Mathews prepared engineering designs for cell layouts, waste excavation, temporary dewatering systems, liner systems, leachate collection systems and stormwater drainage construction for the development of Sectors 9, 10 and 11.  We prepared drawings suitable for bidding and construction, engineer’s estimate of construction cost, contract documents and technical specifications.  Detailed waste excavation procedures including air monitoring requirements were incorporated into the construction documents.  

Construction Management
Biggs and Mathews provided construction phase services including contract negotiation, review and approval of contractors’ submittals, request for information and execution of change orders.  Our construction manager conducted weekly construction meeting and provided monthly progress and budget reports to IESI.  We provided on-site observation of construction and waste excavation activities, and provided project management for the subconsultants.  


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