City of Snyder
Snyder Municipal Landfill, TCEQ Permit No. MSW-1463B
Scurry County, Texas

Biggs and Mathews provided the engineering design and construction phase services to the City of Snyder on the Snyder Municipal Landfill for the Cell 3 Construction Project, completed in 2014.  Biggs and Mathews has also provided permitting, airspace optimization, and groundwater monitoring well sampling.

Biggs and Mathews has prepared several permit modifications for the Snyder Landfill including updates to the groundwater and surface water protection and drainage plan, final cover drainage structure design, geology report, groundwater characterization report, groundwater sampling and analysis plan, soil liner quality control plan, and closure and postclosure care cost estimates.

Air Permitting, Compliance, and Reporting
Biggs and Mathews annually prepares the emissions inventory, compliance certification, and greenhouse gas report for the Snyder Landfill.  We also prepared the Federal/General Operating Permit renewal and completed Tier II testing and reporting for the City.

Engineering Design and Construction Phase Services
Biggs and Mathews provided engineering design, construction phase services, and construction quality assurance services for the Cell 3 project. The project included the preparation of construction plans and technical specifications for a 10-acre Subtitle D liner system, construction management, and construction quality assurance. The total construction cost for the Cell 3 project was approximately $1,200,000. 

Geology and Hydrogeology
In response to the 2006 TCEQ rule revisions to Subchapter J – Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action, Biggs and Mathews completed permit modifications for the facility’s Groundwater Monitoring Program and Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plan to bring them into compliance with the revised rules.

Environmental Services
Biggs and Mathews, as a subconsultant to Davis Groundwater Services, provides environmental monitoring for the Snyder Landfill.

Drone Services
Biggs and Mathews deploys drones to collect topographic and photographic data at the Snyder Landfill for the purpose of calculating airspace utilization, waste compaction, airspace remaining, settlement, borrow soil utilization, and documenting construction activity.


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