Waste Management
Westside Recycling and Disposal Facility, TCEQ Permit No. MSW-1019A
Tarrant County, Texas

Biggs and Mathews has provided professional engineering, hydrogeologic characterizations, and construction phase services at the Westside Recycling and Disposal Facility (RDF) located in Tarrant County. The professional services provided include engineering design, and construction management for several projects including the construction of alternative water balance final cover systems and development of wildlife habitat areas. The success of these projects are based on solid communication with Waste Management in the decision process for design approach and establishing construction budgets. The continued professional relationship with Waste Management and Biggs and Mathews demonstrates a professional commitment to the long-term success of the Waste Management’s Westside RDF.

Environmental Services
Biggs and Mathews provided installation of groundwater monitoring wells and landfill gas probes at the site.  We continue to provide comprehensive environmental services including groundwater sampling, analytical laboratory testing, statistical analysis and reporting.

Construction Management
Biggs and Mathews has managed the construction of over $3,000,000 of improvements and development at the Westside RDF.  We supported Waste Management with coordinating bids, selection of the contractors and awarding contracts.  During construction we coordinated with the TCEQ, Waste Management, and the contractors as well as reviewed submittals, issued change orders, resolved conflicts during construction, prepared the final construction reports, and administered the construction contracts.


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