Jacksboro Landfill, TCEQ Permit No. MSW-2332

Jack County, Texas

Biggs and Mathews was initially engaged by the City of Jacksboro to perform a conceptual site evaluation and exploration, provide a design basis memorandum, and prepare the permit application for the selected site.  During the permitting process, as ownership and operator issues were negotiated and finalized, the City and IESI reached an agreement whereby IESI would become both the owner and operator of the proposed facility.

Greenfield Permitting
The Biggs and Mathews project team began the initial permitting process with intensive site investigations to determine the affect existing conditions would have on the permitting process.  Investigations of the entire property were conducted for subsurface conditions, potential wetland areas, the potential for threatened and endangered species, floodplains, and existing surface water features.  The permitting process included a detailed subsurface and groundwater characterization, comprehensive evaluation of 100-year water surface elevations, and a drainage design to meet natural drainage patterns.  The landfill is designed to provide about 50 years of disposal capacity for the area.  The permit application was completed and the permit was issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on January 5, 2010.

Geology and Hydrogeology
A complex geologic and hydrogeologic characterization of the site subsurface was completed by Biggs and Mathews geologists. Identification and correlation of subsurface strata and detailed characterization of lithologic materials was completed for the solid waste permit application.  Based on calculated hydraulic conductivities and groundwater flow directions and rates, a contaminant pathway analysis was completed and the dual zone groundwater monitoring system was designed.  A groundwater sampling and analysis plan (GWSAP) was prepared and approved. Biggs and Mathews installed the first phase of the groundwater monitoring system.

In addition, a comprehensive fault and seismicity analysis was prepared by Biggs and Mathews geologists.  Based on this analysis, the Subtitle D location restriction certification for fault areas and seismic impact areas was prepared for the site.


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